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Pothole Repair Equipment, Tools, and Tips that can Lead to Long-Lasting Results

Pothole repair projects can be never-ending, especially in the early spring in the Midwest. Once the weather starts to break, so do those roads – even the ones you repaired just 8 months earlier.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can minimize the endless pothole repair cycle by modernizing equipment and using the best pothole filling materials and processes.

Pothole Repair Tips

Here are a few tips and steps that KM International and its customers have found very effective.

1. Make sure you thoroughly remove debris and moisture from the area before filling the holes.

2. Apply tack when prepping a pothole for repair, which can create a tighter bond between the new material and the repair area.

3. Invest in asphalt hotbox reclaimers. Hot mix asphalt that is applied at 300 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit will create a longer-lasting bond between the pothole repair area and the surrounding pavement.

4. Use a hand tamp, vibratory plate compactor, or roller to compact the material after filling the area. This is a must. Without it, your pothole repair won’t be as solid as it should be.

Pavement Equipment & Tools that May Help

If you haven’t yet added an infrared asphalt recycler and a hotbox reclaimer to your pavement equipment arsenal, you should be aware of what you’re missing.

With KM International’s machines and tools, you can not only maintain asphalt temperatures for up to three days, but you can also reheat asphalt that has cooled down. As a result, you can virtually eliminate any need to dispose of unused asphalt, which will save time and money as you repair those roads.

Based in Michigan, KM International offers numerous types of machines and tools for pothole repair and other forms of road maintenance.

Infrared Asphalt Recyclers & Other Asphalt Recycling Machines

LB 2-16, ideal for smaller pothole repair projects

KM 2-18X, a lightweight infrared asphalt recycler

KM 4-40, a self-trailering unit with a 40-square-foot heating panel

KM 4-48, our largest infrared asphalt recycler

KM T-2, an asphalt recycling machine capable of producing 4 tons of hotmix asphalt in one hour

Hotbox Reclaimers

KM 1000, a portable unit ideal for small paths and walkways

KM 4000S, a 2-ton, skid-mounted asphalt hotbox reclaimer

KM 4000T, a 4-ton, trailer-mounted asphalt hotbox reclaimer

KM 8000S, a 4-ton, skid-mounted asphalt hotbox

KM 8000T, a 4-ton, trailer-mounted asphalt hotbox reclaimer

In addition to the above machines, we also manufacture and distribute crack maintenance equipment and tools including:

• The Crack Jet II for cleaning and drying cracks while etching the walls, making it the perfect resource for pothole repair

• The KM 55 Rubber Melting Kettle, featuring triple-wall construction

• The MA10 Rubber Applicator, a 10-gallon applicator ideal for small crack fill jobs

• The Pro Patch 55 Mastic Melter for melting asphalt mastic material

• Various essential pothole repair tools and materials, such as Liquid Fusion, asphalt lutes, and drag boxes

With the right combination of machinery, tools, and materials, your road maintenance repairs can last longer than you ever expected.

Send KM International a message to learn more about our pothole repair solutions, or speak with a distributor near you.