Infrared Repair Process

What is Infrared Asphalt Repair?

Simply put infrared asphalt repair is the process of re heating an asphalt repair area back to its original application temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Once reheated the repair area is then re worked and re compacted so that the repair area seamlessly blends with the surrounding pavement.

Step by Step Infrared Guide
1. Clean the area to be repaired. Remove all dirt, foreign debris, standing water and loose aggregate.
2. Position the infrared unit over the area to be repaired. Maintain a minimum 3" perimeter larger than the actual repair.
3. Allow the infrared heating unit to properly soften the pavement to a depth of 1.5" - 2.5". (Approx time 8-10 mins.)
4. Move the heating unit off of the repair area. Reposition for the next repair when necessary.
5. Scarify (rake) the entire minimum heated depth of the repair area. Note: Frame edges first for an attractive repair.
6. Optional: Remove material if necessary (high spots). Remove contaminated material.
7. Rejuvenate, maltenes rejuvenator, the heated and raked asphalt. Rejuvenate the heated and un-scarified edges (.12 gal/sq).
8. Add new asphalt as required per job conditions.
9. Lute the repair area level. Typical practice leaves the repair area 1/4" above surrounding grade before compaction.
10. Compact the repair.
11. Apply maltenes rejuvenator (.12 gal/sq yd) over the entire repair area. Apply stone dust and compact or broom into area.
12. Clean up repair area and surrounding area.
13. Open repair to straight drive over traffic. Allow sufficient cool down where vehicle stopping or turning is present.

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