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Liquid Fusion: The Asphalt Rejuvenating Agent for the Infrared Repair Process

Liquid Fusion is KM International’s self-branded asphalt rejuvenating agent specifically designed for use during the infrared asphalt repair process. As asphalt ages it oxidizes and begins to lose its original composition, so the use of a rejuvenating agent particularly during the infrared asphalt repair process is vital. Liquid Fusion will replenish the asphaltenes and maltenes the asphalt has lost due to oxidization and will help prevent raveling of you infrared asphalt repair.

The oils and emulsions in Liquid Fusion are designed to rejuvenate aged asphalt pavement and have an excellent ability to penetrate and absorb into asphalt to create a smooth surface.

Liquid Fusion is mixed 50/50 with water giving it a liquid consistency allowing a user to easily spray the material over the repair area with a Chapin sprayer or similar sprayer. The recommended application rate of Liquid Fusion is .12 gallons/per sq yd (or a heavy mist). Liquid Fusion should be applied to the entire repair area, paying special attention to the edges of the repair area. Liquid Fusion is applied after raking the repair area but before compacting the area to final grade.

KM International offers Liquid Fusion in 5-gallon buckets, 55-gallon drums, or 275-gallon totes, which will give you 10 gallons, 110 gallons, or 550 gallons of useable material respectively.

KM International is a strong supporter of the use of Liquid Fusion during the infrared repair process as it is a proven material that will replenish the chemical properties of the recycled asphalt and prevent premature raveling.

As a leading manufacturer of infrared repair equipment, KM International understands what it takes to make your projects fast, efficient, and effective. We developed Liquid Fusion Rejuvenator to provide our customers with all the essential tools to perform a reliable infrared asphalt repair.

Order Liquid Fusion through our website or call 810-242-0700 to place an order.

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