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Now and Then: KM International Remains Committed to Its Principles

KM International has become a worldwide brand, but we value our history, as it has made us who we are today.

We are an all-American-made manufacturer based out of Michigan. Our company’s backbone is built on the drive to be innovative and reliable. We strive to push the boundaries on equipment and are committed to delivering the best quality for our customers. Our goal is to deliver the most efficient and reliable machinery that will make the lives of our customers easier.  A lot has changed in the industry since we started 30 years ago but our goals have stayed the same.

KM International’s Start

KM International started as a 2-man operation team working directly out of a pole barn. As we started to expand, our company added to the team. Over time, we hired the help of 40 valuable experts. All our employees are unique to the business and make KM International what it is today – a reliable and innovative company that goes above and beyond to make our customers’ lives easier.

As KM International grew as a business, so did our space. We moved out of the pole barn we once operated out of and moved into a state-of-the-art 39,500-square-foot manufacturing facility, located at 6561 Bernie Kohler Drive in North Branch, Michigan.

Our headquarters is where we store our equipment, manufacture our products, and work with our team to distribute the safest and most efficient products. We comb over every detail to ensure our products exceed all our customers’ expectations. We sell more than just equipment; we sell a process of hard work and dedication.

Our Motto

KM International President Cliff Cameron and CEO Bryan Burke firmly believe the customers are the driving force behind the success of KMI and that providing them not only equipment but also the knowledge to achieve their business goals is vital.

Our Values 

KM International is committed to manufacturing the most versatile and reliable equipment that the market has to offer. We firmly believe that our clients are the focal point of success, and we make it our personal goal to create long-term relationships with every company no matter how big or small.

We have an outstanding reputation due to our highly trained staff that can handle any situation that may arise. Our expert staff is committed to going above and beyond to accommodate our clients.  We have 30 years of experience and intend to keep delivering smiles on all our customers’ faces. Our growth is all due to our amazing clients, and we thank each one of them for their outstanding feedback, relationships, and reliability.

What Makes Us International?

KM International equipment can be seen in use in over 44 countries worldwide. We have eight international distributors and 14 companies who collectively cover 38 states in the US. KM International has a global reach, and we hope to keep growing and reaching more people. Our distributors both domestic and international share the commitment to our quality and customer service. We are known worldwide for our outstanding equipment and reputable service.

KM International Equipment

We have many unique pieces of equipment that range in price, size, and performance. Listed below is our equipment:

Infrared Asphalt Recyclers

LB 2-16: This is an entry-level infrared unit used for small pothole repairs and oil spots.

KM 2-18 X: The KM 2-18 X is a lightweight infrared asphalt recycler that provides 23 square feet of heating area.

KM 4-40: This is our most popular infrared machine among asphalt contractors.

KM 4-48: This machine has a 48-square-foot infrared heating area, and it is our largest asphalt recycler.

Hotbox Reclaimers 

KM 1000: It holds 1,000 pounds of material and is portable. This machine is ideal for golf courses, car paths, park trails, and walkways.

KM 4000 S: A 2-ton skid-mounted asphalt hotbox, the KM 4000 S is capable of maintaining asphalt temperatures for three days.

KM 8000 S: This 4-ton skid-mounted asphalt hotbox is capable of maintaining asphalt temperatures for three days.

KM 4000 T: A 2-ton reclaimer, the KM 4000 T is capable of maintaining asphalt temps for three days.

KM 8000 T: A 4-ton hot box reclaimer, the KM 8000 T can maintain asphalt temperatures for three days, and it can reclaim excess hot mix asphalt.

Crack Maintenance Equipment 

Crack Jet II: It can clean and dry the crack while etching the walls all in one motion, allowing you to do more with less.

KM 55 Rubber Melting Kettle: This is a 55-gallon machine with triple-wall construction and thermostatically controlled features, allowing half of the amount of propane consumption as a direct fire melter.

MA 10 Rubber Applicator: This is a 10-gallon applicator designed to accommodate small to medium cracks.

Pro Patch 55 – Mastic Melter: This is a 55-gallon melter capable of melting asphalt mastic material or asphalt rubber.

Asphalt Recycler 

KM T-2 Asphalt Recycling Machine: It can produce 4 tons of hot mix asphalt in an hour.

KM International is always striving to make our clients’ lives easier. We thrive at challenges and greet every project with extreme detail to exceed our reputation.