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In It for the Long Haul: KMI Service Department Dedicated to Outstanding Customer Support

KM International is about much more than manufacturing and distributing outstanding equipment. We are also known for supplying our customers with superior customer service.

KM International employs a highly skilled service staff ready to assist customers with machine troubleshooting, maintenance, or general equipment questions. At KM International, we realize asphalt contractors have a limited season and that avoiding machine down time is essential. In 99% of scenarios, a service call can be resolved within a few hours via a phone call or email to our service department. KM International keeps inventory of all parts and components, so if parts are needed for a repair, they are shipped the same day and can be overnighted to the customer’s location as necessary.

KM International shares resources such as its parts and operator manuals, step-by-step troubleshooting guides, and detailed repair tutorials with customers on a regular basis. Our service technicians have even gone as far as video chatting with customers to get their machines up and running in a timely manner.

Some manufacturers make it difficult for customers to obtain knowledgeable customer service and support. At KM, with a simple phone call or email you will be speaking with an experienced member of our support team within minutes, and most of the time your machine is back up and running with minimal headaches.

In addition to KM’s in-house customer service team, KM International also has a nationwide distributor network of professionals who are trained and experienced in offering troubleshooting and maintenance assistance for KM customers. This nationwide distributor network is perfect for those customers who want to take their machines to an authorized service center or require on-site support. KM distributors also keep inventory of most of the common change parts, making it fast and easy to obtain the necessary repair components.

KM International has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of asphalt maintenance equipment for decades, and our friendly, fast, and skilled customer service is only one of the many reasons why contractors continue to turn to us.

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