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Asphalt Heaters that can Simplify and Enhance Your Road Construction Projects

Asphalt heaters for road maintenance work come in all shapes and sizes, and KM International’s machines offer numerous features that are just right for your projects.

If you don’t have an infrared asphalt recycler or are looking for a new one, you should get to know more about the benefits of KM International’s line of solutions. Because the asphalt will remain usable far longer than it would with other types of asphalt heaters, an infrared recycler will save you time and money while minimizing waste.

Features of KM International’s Asphalt Heaters

KM International specializes in manufacturing advanced road repair machinery and tools, including the following types of asphalt heaters.

• LB 2-16: Portable Infrared Asphalt Heater

Our LB 2-16 portable infrared asphalt heater features 16 square feet of infrared heating area. It is ideal for small pothole repair or cosmetic improvements.

It can be easily folded and transported, and it has an automatic pilot ignition for safety, as do all of our infrared asphalt recyclers.  A versatile asphalt heater, it includes two independently controlled zones.

KM 2-18X: Lightweight Infrared Asphalt Heater

This lightweight heater includes 23 square feet of heating area. It is ideal for cold seams, roller marks, and other small- or medium-sized asphalt improvements. In addition to the features included with the LB 2-16, it is mounted on four independent swivel casters for enhanced maneuverability.

KM 4-40: Our Most Popular Infrared Machine

The KM 4-40 is our most popular machine with asphalt contractors. The machine folds into a single-axel self-trailering unit, making it easy for transportation. Featuring a 40-square-foot heating panel, the KM 4-40 asphalt heater is ideal for any asphalt defects.

KM 4-48: Heavy-Duty Infrared Asphalt Recycler

The KM 4-48 is our largest infrared asphalt recycler. Its 48 square feet of infrared heating area enables contractors to repair asphalt defects of any size. It features four independently controlled heating zones, automatic pilot ignition, and heat cycling technology. It can be mounted on four independent swivel casters and folds into a single axel self-trailering unit.

Additional Solutions for Your Asphalt Maintenance Projects

These four asphalt heaters are only some of the many types of equipment available through KM International that can make your road maintenance projects more efficient and more profitable.

Additional pieces of asphalt heating equipment by KM International include the following hotbox reclaimers:

• KM 1000, which can hold up to 1,000 pounds of material

• KM 4000S, a 2-ton, skid-mounted asphalt hotbox

• KM 8000S, a 4-ton, skid-mounted hotbox

• KM 4000T, a 2-ton, trailer-mounted hotbox reclaimer

• KM 8000T, a 4-ton, trailer-mounted asphalt hotbox reclaimer

To learn more about any of our asphalt heaters, reclaimers, or tools, visit our website or speak with a KM International distributor near you.


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