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Getting the Most Out of Your Trade Show Experience

As the working season winds down for most pavement contractors, another season is quickly approaching, trade show season. Trade shows such as the National Pavement Expo and World of Asphalt are ideal opportunities for pavement contractors to see the latest and greatest the industry has to offer, as well as network with other pavement contractors from around the country. Additionally, trade shows offer several classes and seminars that focus on topics such as best practices to business management classes. With everything going on at a trade show, it is easy to get overwhelmed and not see everything you came to see. So, to help you stay on course, here are five tips to follow to get the most out of your trade show experience.

Tip 1: Plan Ahead

It is important to have a plan of action prior to arriving at the show. Do your homework online beforehand. Map out the classes and seminars you want to attend and pre-register for them. Make a list of exhibitors you want to visit on the show floor along with questions you have for them.

Tip 2: Bring a Few of Your Employees

Your employees are your most important asset. By inviting them to come along to a trade show, you are showing them a fun and worthwhile experience while also providing an educational opportunity that will enable them to develop their skills.

Tip 3: Ask a Lot of Questions

A trade show is the perfect chance to ask all the questions you have. Several industry experts will be on hand, and whether you have questions regarding equipment or need business advice, someone will have the answers.

Tip 4: Use Your Time Wisely

During a trade show, there is going to be a lot you want to see and not a lot of time to see it all, which means you need to prioritize. This goes back to pre-planning; set your schedule and stick to it. It will be easy to get sidetracked looking at new equipment or catching up with old friends, but you are at a trade show to learn.  Make the best use of the opportunity.

Tip 5: If You are Going to Buy, BUY

Virtually all of the vendors at a trade show will offer some sort of incentives. If you are in the market for something specific and know you are going to buy it sooner or later, take advantage of trade show specials.

Trade shows are designed to be both fun and educational. By keeping these five tips in mind, you will be in a better position to make your trade show experience a success.