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Stop the Cycle: Asphalt Recycling Leads to Longer-Lasting Repairs

Are you a representative of a municipality that struggles to keep up with pothole patching, finding yourself patching the same potholes week after week or even day after day? Well, you’re far from alone. Municipalities across the country are constantly fighting adverse conditions when it comes to pothole patching. Between harsh winter weather conditions and the lack of hot mix asphalt availability, many municipalities perform temporary repairs with cold patch asphalt and wait until spring to go back and make a permanent repair.

This vicious cycle of filling the same potholes numerous times causes frustration for both motorists and municipalities alike. Filling and refilling potholes has also drained municipalities’ budgets and time for decades because there has never been an alternative solution.

Now, with increasingly innovative equipment, there is.

Asphalt recycling is the process of recycling recycled asphalt product, such as millings, and asphalt chunks back into plant-quality hot mix asphalt by means of an asphalt recycling machine.

So what does this mean for you?

For starters, you now have the ability to use hot mix asphalt year-round, reducing or in some cases eliminating a municipality’s dependency on cold patch asphalt.

Secondly, recycled asphalt on average costs $25-30 per ton compared to more than $110 per ton for cold patch, so you are saving roughly 75% per ton.

Most importantly, hot mix asphalt leads to longer lasting repairs. Although some cold patches do work well, they are often applied well below their recommended application temperature, which causes the patches to fail prematurely. Patches with hot mix asphalt applied within the recommended application temperatures will almost always last longer.

The KM T-2 Asphalt Recycler

KM International’s T-2 Asphalt Recycler is your solution for long-term pothole repairs. With a production rate of four tons every hour and a user-friendly operation, the KM T-2 is the industry’s leading asphalt recycling machine. The KM T-2 combines a 700,000BT burner with a rotating drum that breaks down and dries RAP, producing a hot mix asphalt product that is as good as or better than any other mix.

If you are tired of filling the same potholes day after day and serious about finding long-term pothole solutions, contact KM International to schedule your demo of the industry’s No. 1 selling asphalt recycler.

Call 810-688-1234 or visit kminternational.com to learn more about the KM T-2.

Contact us at KM International for more information about asphalt recycling, our T-2 Asphalt Recycler, or any of our asphalt maintenance products.