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5 Reasons Why You Need to Own a Hotbox

If you work in the asphalt repair industry, you need to own a hotbox. To us, there’s no question about that at all, and once you see how effective it is in helping you work more efficiently, the choice will be clear to you too.

Why You Need to Own a Hotbox

1. You can work 24/7/365 if you choose.
Asphalt becomes hard to shovel and nearly impossible to work with overall if it gets below temp.

With a hotbox, you don’t have to worry about that. No matter if it is sunny and 70 degrees or snowing and 20 degrees, an asphalt hotbox will maintain asphalt temps at 350 degrees Fahrenheit in any weather. This allows you to work year-round. And yes, a hotbox reclaimer will keep cold patch at recommended temps as well.

Owning a hotbox allows you to save money, use all the asphalt you buy, and continue road repair and maintenance projects all year long.

2. If you live in a cold climate, you can avoid laying off employees during the slower season.
Because road construction slows down in the colder months, some companies are forced to lay off valuable employees, even if only temporarily. If you can work all year with the use of a hotbox, it can help you avoid laying off your dedicated workers.

3. You can generate revenue all year.
By having an asphalt hotbox to keep asphalt hot, you can forget about that typical four- to five-month downtime when the weather turns. Instead, you and your crew can be out making emergency asphalt repairs all winter. In most cases, you can actually charge a premium because you likely will be the only asphalt contractor able to make repairs.

4. It is a reclaimer too.
So how do you get hotmix asphalt if the plants are closed? Easy. If you get an asphalt hotbox reclaimer, you can bulk store plant mix prior to plant closures for the season and reclaim/reheat that material overnight. By stockpiling hotmix asphalt, your company can continue to work through the winter. And yes …

5. You can save money.
When you use a hotbox, you can save money by buying what you need and using what you buy. Without a hotbox, you might buy four tons of asphalt but only keep two tons warm – and end up being forced to throw away the rest. With a hotbox, you can buy four tons and actually use four tons.


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If you’re still not convinced after reviewing the above reasons why you need to own a hotbox, contact us. We’ll tell you a lot more about all it can do to make your job better and easier. If you are convinced and are ready to start exploring your best hotbox options, you should contact us then too to learn more about KM International’s line of reclaimers and accessories.

Contact us at KM International for more information about why you need to own a hotbox or for details about our line of asphalt maintenance equipment.