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5 Reasons to Add Infrared Repair to your Asphalt Business

Infrared asphalt repair is quickly gaining popularity among asphalt contractors nationwide. So why are so many contractors starting to offer infrared as a service? Here are 5 reasons to add infrared repair to your offered services this season

1. Increased Profit Margins

We all want to increase our per job profits, right? Infrared repair requires less labor, less new material, less time, and far less equipment than traditional remove and replace methods. A typical infrared repair can be performed by 2 people in a 15-20-minute time frame. On average an infrared repair costs 95% less to perform than a remove and replace.

(1) 8-hour Shift Saw Cut Infrared
Production 8 Saw Cuts 24 patches
Costs $6,400 $1,200
Revenue $12,000 $4,200
Profit $5,600 $3,000
Profit Margins 46% 71%

Let’s say your employees move at an average pace and can perform 3 infrared repairs an hour and work an 8-hour day, that’s 24 patches a day. Conservatively you charge $175 per patch that would be $4,200 a day in revenue. Subtract your $1,200 in costs and you made $3,000 that day, and more importantly your crew had 3x’s the production so now you can take on more jobs.

A job that would have taken your crew 3 days using remove and replace now took just one day.

Because infrared is so much more cost friendly you can win more jobs away from your competition and still maintain high profit margins.

2. Longer Lasting Asphalt Repairs with Infrared

Infrared repair creates a seamless heated bond between the new repair area and existing asphalt. When you can create a seamless weld the likelihood of future water penetration into the sub-surface of the repair drastically decreases. This means you can perform a quality repair the first time and will not have repeat visits.

3. Work Year-Round

Most asphalt contractors, especially in the northern states, start their season in April when the plants start producing and stop in October/November when the plants close. During this down time most contractors perform equipment maintenance and take the time to caught up on administrative task. With an infrared heater and asphalt hotbox you now can work year-round performing asphalt repairs. The great thing is during the winter while your competition has closed shop for the winter you can charge a premium for your service because you are the only one able to perform repairs.

4. Multiple Uses

Infrared is not just for pothole repair, it can be used for a variety of different applications.


• Birdbath Repair

• High Spots/Low Spots

• Storm Drain repair

• Utility Cuts

• Cold Seams

• Wide Cracks

• Paving Mistakes

• Thermoplastic Applications

• Many More!

5. “Green Process”

The environmental aspect of infrared repair is one that is often over looked. By in-place recycling the existing asphalt infrared repair has 1/3 the carbon footprint as traditional methods. The environmental aspect can be used as a key selling tool to home and business owners.