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Asphalt Hotbox: Long-Lasting Solutions for Pothole Repair

The Problem:

When it comes to pothole patching, you probably feel like you are beating your head against a wall. Are you visiting the same potholes time and time again but are never able to offer a viable, long term solution? We are here to tell you there is a BETTER WAY!

An effective pothole patch starts with a quality material. Your plant mix asphalt starts losing heat immediately after leaving the plant (that’s when the plants are open). By the time you start patching potholes, your mix has gone from 350˚F to 275˚F and continually declines throughout your working day. So, buying four tons of plant mix just to keep two tons of hot mix at a “workable” temperature is no longer an efficient or cost-effective method!
One of the most important aspects of effective pothole repair is the material, and how can asphalt that is well below recommended application temperature be a “quality” repair?

The Solution:

asphalt hotboxAn asphalt hotbox reclaimer maintains your plant mix asphalt at 350˚F for up to two days for pothole patching and other asphalt repairs. In addition to maintaining the temperature of your plant mix asphalt, a hotbox reclaimer can reheat bulk stored virgin asphalt overnight so you never waste excess asphalt again.

Taking pothole repair a step further, the KM T-2 asphalt recycler is a four ton per hour asphalt recycler capable of recycling asphalt millings and other RAP material into plant quality hot mix asphalt.

KM International’s pothole patching equipment will save you time, man power, and most importantly, money. Remember, an effective patch starts with quality material.