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Pave/X 2024 Recap

The asphalt industry experienced a groundbreaking moment at the inaugural Pave/X show, hosted and meticulously organized by IRONMARKETS. The event, which took place over three action-packed days, far exceeded expectations, leaving both exhibitors and attendees buzzing with excitement. Among the 70 industry-leading vendors, KM International stood out, showcasing our innovation in pavement maintenance.

Approximately 1,700 attendees flocked from all corners of the country to witness the spectacle that was Pave/X. The event boasted a diverse range of activities, including informative seminars, state-of-the-art equipment displays, and captivating live demonstrations. KM International took full advantage of the platform to unveil our comprehensive equipment lineup.

At the heart of our indoor display was a showcase featuring our cutting-edge products, including infrared recyclers, asphalt hotboxes, crack maintenance equipment, and the show-stopping Special Edition Blacktop Banter Sealcoat Trailer. This display not only highlighted our commitment to innovation but also drew the attention of industry enthusiasts eager to explore the latest advancements in pavement maintenance technology.

However, KM International didn’t stop at a static display. On Day 2 of the event, we took center stage with a live infrared demonstration, allowing attendees a firsthand look at the transformative benefits of infrared repair. This interactive experience provided a unique opportunity for individuals to witness the efficiency and effectiveness of KM’s equipment in action.

The success of Pave/X as a kickoff event for the 2024 asphalt season cannot be overstated. The show served as a vibrant hub for networking, learning, and pushing the boundaries of the pavement maintenance industry. Exhibitors and attendees alike found valuable connections and gained insights that will undoubtedly shape the future of their work.

As the curtains closed on Pave/X 2024, anticipation filled the air for what’s to come. The organizers announced that next year’s show is set to take place in Chattanooga, TN, on January 29th-30th, 2025, at the Chattanooga Convention Center. This early announcement has already sparked excitement and expectations for an even grander event, promising continued growth and advancement for the asphalt industry.