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Public Works Summit 2023 Recap!

Kurt Schwartz, a representative from KM International, had a fruitful experience at the 2024 Public Works Summit held in Orlando, FL. The summit, spanning two full days, featured an innovative format that included small group sessions and one-on-one consultations with public works professionals from various parts of the country. Unlike conventional trade shows or seminars, the Public Works Summit distinguished itself by conducting extensive pre-show research to understand the specific pain points of attendees. This proactive approach aimed to connect them with exhibitors, such as KM International, offering tailored products and services to address those challenges.

Kurt Schwartz’s presence at the summit provided an excellent opportunity for KM International to engage with leading public works directors and showcase its comprehensive line of equipment solutions. The focus on personal interactions allowed for meaningful discussions and a deep dive into the needs of public works departments across the nation.

One of the key insights gained from the summit was the consistent challenge faced by public works departments in addressing pavement defects, particularly potholes. As the primary entities responsible for roadway maintenance and reconstruction, these departments grapple with a range of issues, including outdated repair methods, a severe labor shortage, and a lack of resources.

The recurring complaint about potholes underscored the urgency for innovative solutions in pavement maintenance. KM International, fortunately, was well-positioned to address these concerns. During the summit, Kurt Schwartz and the KM International team engaged with attendees to understand their specific challenges and demonstrated how the company’s equipment solutions could provide efficient and effective remedies.

The summit’s emphasis on personalized consultations allowed KM International to go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. By actively listening to the concerns voiced by public works leaders, the company could tailor its offerings to meet the unique needs of each department. This approach not only showcased KM International’s commitment to customer satisfaction but also positioned us as a responsive and reliable partner in the realm of public works.

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