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Infrared Asphalt Repair Equipment: Tools You’ll Need to Complete the Job

Any trade professional knows that to perform a quality job a combination of their skill and the right tools are essential. Tools that are not up to par can make jobs more challenging, time consuming, sloppy, and in some instances unsafe.

The right tools, on the other hand, can make it look easy.

You know very well that all those times someone said, “Dang. You finished that fast! How’d you do that? I would have never been able to do it like you did,” the tools are what made you look that good. (Don’t worry. We’ll keep your secret. It’s our secret too.)

No doubt about it: The same concept applies to road maintenance and infrared asphalt repairs.

In fact, one of our goals is to make your job look and feel as easy and safe as possible. To that end, here are the various infrared repair equipment and tools we would recommend in order for you to work productively and safely.

Infrared Asphalt Repair Equipment

Infrared Asphalt Heater and Asphalt Hotbox Reclaimer

Hotmix asphalt is essential when performing an infrared repair, so having a hotbox on site to maintain hotmix asphalt temperatures is key.

Plate Compactor or Roller

Compaction is a vital step when performing an infrared repair or any asphalt repair for that matter. Having a single drum or double drum roller may be best, but an asphalt plate compactor will usually be more than sufficient for small- to medium-sized infrared repairs.

The right infrared repair tools can assist you in completing road repairs more efficiently.

Infrared Repair Tools


A lute will allow you to level your repair area while also dragging all on the larger aggregate to the top of the surface to be removed from the repair.

Asphalt Rake

If you are going to be doing infrared, invest in a high-quality asphalt rake. DO NOT try to rake asphalt with a run of the mill garden rake. It will not work.

Industrial-Quality Shovel

A high-quality shovel can be used to carry material from the hotbox to the repair area.

Street Broom

A powerful street broom will be needed to move debris away from the repair area.

Chapin Sprayer

A stainless steel Chapin sprayer is used to apply Liquid Fusion (CRF Rejuvenator) onto the repair area.

By the way, an additional product you should regularly have is Liquid Fusion. Liquid Fusion is an asphalt rejuvenator specially blended to replace the asphaltenes and maltenes during the infrared asphalt repair process. Liquid Fusion is always recommended during the infrared process.

Clearly, you should also have various pieces of safety equipment on hand at all times, including:

• Traffic cones in order to keep traffic away from the repair area

• Safety glasses

• Safety hats and steel-toed boots

• Leather gloves, which will be especially useful when handling the warm infrared machine

• Fire prevention and first aid equipment

• Any other safety equipment required by law for your particular industry/project


Contact us to learn more about our infrared repair equipment and tools that are best for your job.