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Infrared Asphalt Repair Method: The Many Ways It Can Benefit Your Business

Is the infrared asphalt repair method a good fit for your asphalt business? It very well may be, as it can save you time and money while giving you a competitive edge..

Just in case you’re not familiar with it, infrared asphalt repair works by heating up a repair area using infrared wavelengths to a temperature of 350 degrees in order to rake, lute, and compact the area. What you’ll have in the end is a seamless and thermally bonded transition between the repair area and the surrounding asphalt.

Just take a look at some of the benefits of infrared repair.


5 Ways the Infrared Asphalt Repair Method Could Benefit Your Business


1. It requires less time and labor than traditional asphalt repair methods, resulting in higher profit margins.

Most contractors currently use a method called saw cut remove and replace. Infrared takes about 1/3 of the time and costs as saw cut remove and replace. In other words, for every one saw cut, you can complete three infrared repairs.

2. It’s an additional option you can offer to your customers.

A lot of contractors like to specialize in one area of pavement maintenance, such as sealcoating, striping, or crack filling, and have to subcontract the repair work out. But with an infrared, you can keep that work in house and collect more money per job.

3. You can operate all year-round and keep key employees working during the winter months.

Especially in the northern half of the country, most of the industry stops working at the end of the November because the asphalt plants close. As a result, a lot of the contractors have to lay off employees. With an infrared and hotbox, you can keep key employees and generate revenue even in the dead of winter.

4. You could gain a competitive advantage over other contractors in your service area.

Contractors usually offer their customers two options. The first option is a skin patch, which is usually a cheap, temporary solution to a pavement repair. Alternatively, the contractor can saw cut the area, which lasts longer than a skin patch but can be very expensive.

If you have infrared, you can offer customers a more affordable option without sacrificing quality. By offering this mid-level option, you can win more work away from your competition without compromising your profit margins.

5. It doesn’t cost much to get started.

An infrared and hotbox combination usually costs less than $30,000 and can easily pay for itself within the first two to three months. It’s certainly more affordable than larger, more expensive machinery that takes years to pay off.


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At KM International, we know firsthand how beneficial the infrared asphalt repair method can be to businesses of all sizes. In addition to improving profit margins while being able to work all year long, you can trust that the repair will last longer and be more durable than other options.

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