KM International : Municipal Pothole Repair Program


Most municipal organizations are at a cross roads when it comes to repairing potholes and other asphalt related defects. Traditionally services such as paving, crack filling, line striping, etc. are put out to bid and are awarded to local contractors specializing in those particular fields. However many municipal organizations have kept pothole patching as something performed internally by DPW personnel. But with the rising cost of labor, equipment, and material municipals have begun to re-evaluate their pothole repair program and assess outside options to determine if it makes financial sense to contract out their pothole patching program. Because no two municipal organizations are the same each municipality has to consider various factors to determine what solution will fit them. The following guide aims to identify the pro’s and con’s of performing pothole repairs internally as well as contracting them out. The guide also includes a free specification template for those municipals who want to subcontract services out as well as a free pothole patching guide for those who want to continue to perform pothole repair in house.

Pothole Patching Guide

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